CND Shellac Nail Polish Review


Nail polish without drying time, four weeks durability and no scratches - too good to be true? We are talking about Shellac nails. I tested DIY manicure with Shellac at home and today I want to share my experience and share some tips.

Shellac is basically just another name for gel lacquer. They are varnishes that harden with the help of UV or LED lamps. This way, the varnish not only becomes dry and scratch-resistant super fast, but is also firmly attached to the nail. This is the reason why Shellac cannot be easily removed like conventional nail polish. A nail polish remover containing acetone and other strong solvents is required to remove the gel varnish. Of course, this treatment is not exactly healthy for the natural nail either. If the gel nail polish is not removed properly, cracks and gaps may appear on the surface of the nail.


We are used to go to the nail salon to get the Shellac removed. But this is not absolutely necessary. I'll tell you how you can easily solve the gel polish yourself! Under no circumstances you can simply pull down the paint! I know, the temptation is big, but it hurts the nail. You can get rid of Shellac at home as easily as this:

  • - Lightly roughen the nails with a file so that the solution can penetrate the nail better.
  • - Moisten a cotton pad with the special Shellac Remover and put it on the nail. It also works with nail polish remover if it contains acetone - that is the secret ingredient. The fastest way is to cut the cotton pads in half and make one for each finger.
  • - Press the soaked pad - ideally wet - onto the nail and additionally wrap the finger tightly with aluminum foil.
  • - Wait 10 minutes.
  • - After the fingers are unwrapped, the Shellac layer can be easily removed or pushed off with a rosewood stick. And the nails are ready for the next manicure.


I am really surprised at how easy it is to manicure with Shellac at home. In fact, I'm a little annoyed that I didn't think of it earlier. There are really many good providers online in every price range. I just read some recessions before ordering and then chose Pink Gellac.


This brand has a really good price-performance ratio. My starter set with LED lamp, base and top coat, as well as 4 colored lacquers, wooden sticks, file, remover and cleaner cost just 64.50 euros.

There are also almost 100 different colors from Pink Gellac - every one of us can really find what we are looking for. I would like to mention that this is not a simple review, I am 100% convinced of this product.